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Dare to Run Partnerships: 2021-2022

Dare to Run has partnered with the follow New York-based organizations to increase the number of women running for office: The Kota Alliance and Girl Scouts of Greater New York  Dare to Run is proud to partner with these fantastic organizations whose mission and vision align with the goal of increase the number of women who run for public office.  

New Partnership Dare to Run and the Kota Alliance.png

Dare to Run has partnered with The Kota Alliance to host our in-person seminars.

New Leaders Council.Spring Happy Hour .j

Dare to Run partnered with the New Leaders Council for their happy hour that was held on March 30, 2019 for new fellows.  Dare to Run will partner with New Leaders Council for events in the future and building the pipeline of diverse women leaders together.  

Girl Scouts Group Photo.Oct. 2022.jpg

Dare to Run partnered with The Girls Scouts of Greater New York for our International Day of the Girl Fundraiser which was held on Thursday, October 13th 2022. 

Rachelle Teaching.Oct.2022.jpg

Dare to Run President and Founder, Rachelle Suissa, giving a presentation at the Wall Street office of The Girl Scouts of Greater New York on the mission, objectives, goals, partnerships and collaborations of Dare To Run.


Dare to Run partners with the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance.  Their former Executive Director, Sharon Jofa (2nd from left) attended the Dare to Run Networking Night on April 26, 2018.  The mission of JOFA is to ensure expand the spiritual, ritual, intellectual, and political opportunities for women within the framework of halakha," or Jewish law.  

21 in 21 and Dare to Run_edited.jpg

Dare to Run is proud to partner with 21 in '21, a NYC based organization whose aim is to elect 21 women to the New York City Council by 2021.  They do trainings for women in the community and hold monthly meetings at locations throughout the city.  Visit their website for more information:

NJBIA Logo.2022.png

Dare to Run is proud to partner with Brave Enterprises, an organization whose mission is to craft practice-based programming that will inform brave-inspired behaviors for people who want to make a habit of taking action.  Together, Brave Enterprises and Dare to Run will empower girls to be brave and run for office in the next 5 years!

Candidates from Amplify Her.2018.jpg

Dare to Run is proud to partner with Amplify Her, whose aim is to support progressive women in all five boroughs of New York City how to run for office.  They recently had an event in Central Brooklyn that featured Catalina Cruz, Candidate for 39th Assembly District in Queens, Jasi Robison, Candidate for 23rd Senate District in Staten Island, Alesandra Biaggi, candidate for 34th Senate District in NYC, Jessica Ramos, Candidate for 13th Senate District in Queens, and Julia Salazar, Candidate for 18th Senate District in Brooklyn.  


Dare to Run is proud to partner with Motivote, a community organization whose goal is to encourage more younger people to go to the polls and vote at higher rates.  Recently, Dare to Run partnered with Motivote for the Dare to Run Women's Leadership Conference.  Motivote raffled off a ticket to Dare to Run's Conference to a lucky winner who was able to attend the conference for free.  Dare to Run and Motivote will continue to partner together for upcoming events to encourage young women to participate civically within their communities.  


Dare to Run is proud to partner with the Staten Island Women's Political Caucus On October 12, 2019 for their Women's Leadership Forum: Celebrating 100 Years of the Right to Vote.  The event featured a panel discussing the importance of women running for office, including Janine Materna (R-Staten Island), Patricia Kane (R-Staten Island) and Rachelle Suissa, Founder of Dare to Run.  The event was followed by an awards ceremony and a raffle.  

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