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Dare to Run: Who Do We Train?

Cohort 1: Dare to Run benefits a particularly marginalized population of women across New York State.  In our first cohort, 60% of the participants in the program were Latina women of a particular income background, with more than 2 children.  They came from the Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Queens and represented New York in all of its diversity.  We also had two Black women and two white women participate in Cohort 1.  Dare to Run is proud to be able to achieve a strong level of diversity in its first cohort.

Cohort 2: Our second Cohort of students was comprised of a total of 30 women from a total of 7 states, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Arizona and Florida.  Candidates in the second cohort also reflect the diversity that is built into the mission of Dare to Run.  Our second cohort consisted of 37% Latina Women, 21% Black Women, 26% Indian Women, and 16% White Women.  We were happy to be able to accept more than twice as many women into the second cohort as we did in the first.  We were equally as happy to see the diversity levels increase across all major racial and ethnic groups as well. 

Cohort 3: from Fall 2021-Spring 2022, we developed partnerships with colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia.  We would like to increase diversity as well as the number of women applying and ultimately participating in the program by at least 30%.  We would also like to reach a larger number of women across economically marginalized backgrounds. We had a total of 4 women in Cohort 3: 2 were African American, 1 and 2 Were Latina.  Two of our trainees were from New York; another was from Florida, and the final was from Arizona.    

Cohort 4: From Fall 2022-Spring 2023, Dare to Run developed partnerships with over 35 nonprofit organizations across New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts and West Virginia.  We also were able to recruit three brand new instructors in New York to teach the In Person Program in partnership with the Kota Alliance in New York City. 

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