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Dare to Run Women's Leadership Program Cohort #1

Dare to Run launched the very first cohort of the Women's Leadership Training Program in 2019.  The program will go from August 2019-December 2019.  Pictured below are photos from our training classes with individual instructors and seminars.  

Weeks 1 -3: Foundations of Your Campaigns

Instructor: Rachelle Suissa

During Weeks 1 -3, students covered topics in Foundations of Your Campaign, including: Theories of Political Mobilization and Change for Women Candidates, Identifying Your Target Audience, and 3 core issues.  In the final week of classes, we had special Guest Speaker Amanda Farias, State Committeewoman for the 87th Assembly District in the Bronx, come and speak to students about what the essentials are for how to launch your campaign.  

Week #4: Branding and Messaging

Instructor: Abiola Agoro

During Weeks 4, students covered topics in Branding and Messaging, including: How to Design a Campaign Logo that Adequately Conveys your message, why it's important to brand yourself well as a candidate.  Students also examined samples of campaign logos that were successful, and those that were unsuccessful.  

Week #5: Traditional Media in Political Campaigns

Instructor: Josephine Bosco

During Weeks 5, students covered topics in Traditional Media in Campaigns, including: what are they different kinds of traditional media used in political campaigns, who your target audience is and why they may utilize traditional media.  Students also engaged in a role play activity where they took turns being the host of a television show and the candidate running for office.  They practiced their 1-minute candidate elevator pitch and addressing questions they may receive from interviewers.  In the second class, student's also designed their own campaign mailers to be sent out to members of their community.