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"Dare to Run is giving me the space to learn who I will be as a candidate and how my ideas will best serve my future constituents." 

—Karinna Carrillo

An American Legacy, Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

"Jasmine Robinson—who says she does not have the support of a “big political machine”—said that if she wins, it will be historic because she is a woman of color and her campaign is rooted in grassroots support. She said groups like Dare to Run, a New York-based group that trains women on how to run for public office, and Higher Heights helped her navigate the process [of running for office]."


Black Women Are Rising Up in Politics Nationwide... But What About New York?


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Soma Syed

Candidate for Queens County Judge

Former Candidate for NYC Council, District 24

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Stephanie Rosas Garcia

Candidate for Democratic County Committee,

North Bergen, New Jersey

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