Dare to Run Virtual Women's Leadership Program: Cohort #3


Angie Montoya

Angie has spent almost two decades working in the Online Fraud and Payments Industry, and currently serves as a Software Product Manager for Mastercard. Past highlights include being part of the team that launched Zelle, and speaking at Industry conferences and customer summits on behalf of Experian. She is looking to combine her professional experience with her passion for Women & Children's Rights, Mental Health Care, and LGBTQ+ Rights through the pursuit of a Master's Degree in Social Justice & Human Rights at ASU. She is a mom to three amazing children, and enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, reading, and roller derby in her free time. She is also a fierce advocate for her family's tamale recipe and the Oxford comma.

Amy Quichiz 

Amy Quichiz was born and raised in Queens, New York City, and is a queer first-generation Latina from Colombian and Peruvian parents. She received her bachelor's degree at Syracuse University, studying Women's and Gender Studies and Sociology and is currently finishing her Master's degree at American University studying Ethics, Peace,and Human Rights. Amy has worked for Planned Parenthood affiliates, has interned for Outright International Organization as a United Nations programmer, and has also done international work specifically for immigration, gender violence, and LGBTQ+ issues. As of now she is a Project Manager for Planned Parenthood Global and hopes to run for office someday for her very own district in Jackson Heights, Queens.

I was Born in Manhattan and raised in Rockland County, New York, and right from a young age, I knew life has its challenges and dealt with personal trauma on a regular basis. Which is why I searched for meaning in my life going into human services, working as a bilingual advocate in a domestic violence shelter, in a mental health and substance abuse shelter, with criminal justice as a workforce development specialist as well as a resource coordinator in arraignments.  Over the decade I worked in human services and guided hundreds of individuals.  I have developed a gift of empowering people, thanks to my unique background, I can connect with people, making them feel comfortable and supported. As an individual, I believe what sets me apart from others is my passion for helping individuals in need, my compassionate approach, and the fact I don’t believe in giving up on people. I similarly strive to raise awareness and reverse the stigma and challenges faced by those seeking help.

I believe in giving back and making a legacy that will impact those around me. I am confident that in the future I will continue to seek opportunities to change the lives of many, by sharing my knowledge and impacting my community where resources aren’t always easily accessible.  I don’t fail to envision my future and how I can continue to make a difference.  I believe in justice and believe in advocacy for all who haven’t always had good representation. I have no doubt in my mind that I will continue to grow as a professional and utilize my experiences as my motivation behind everything I do.  I am someone who moves with intention and strives for true success. It is this same motivation that has led me to become a founder of my own program, Promise of Greatness P.O.G. This program is only one of my many passions, but it is deep rooted with the passion of advocacy and resources.  I am someone who understands the importance of policy, change and community.  I believe in the strength and power of collaboration within legal representation, direct social service work and policy making.  

The part of my program that I find most rewarding is being a part of individuals’ lives, helping make their burden lighter and, in effect, changing the world, one person at a time. I especially enjoy working with our youth, offering them the support they need to make wise decisions and build a prosperous future. With a vision based on that of the famous American philanthropist and founder of modern foster care, I hope to deliver the best care and support services within a simple framework that involves family involvement and integration.

I attribute my success to my fantastic team and their consistent dedication to our cause. Seeing my program go from strength to strength and the impact we have already had on our community has given me immense satisfaction over the years.

Peppy Simon

Peppy Simon Headshot.png

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things that matter to me and how they influence my program.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in coaching and motivational services, I invite you to get in touch. We have certified, and experienced instructors, and our programs provide a model that our clients can identify along with many avenues for successful outcomes. Our services are available to clients across Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the surrounding areas. Please visit our website at www.promiseofgreatness.org for more information.

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Lola Waterman

Born in East Lansing, Michigan, and raised in Nigeria, Ms. Waterman migrated back to the United States to attend college. While working as a marketing executive, she volunteered in a shelter for domestically abused women, and while she was there, she got inspired to attend law school. After graduating from New York Law School, she started her own practice and specialized in estate planning and immigration law. She also represented clients in Family, Housing and Criminal Court. Mrs. Waterman currently serves as a Principal Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice, and volunteers as a Small Claims Court Arbitrator, and a member of several bar associations. Attorney Waterman is a resident of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and in her spare time, gives back to her community by hosting legal clinics and Know Your Rights seminars.